Network Issues 101

Running a network is a good idea to share resources and optimize efficiency.  Running Network cabling Nashville throughout the building you will operate out of is the first step in the process.  However just setting up the cables and computers isn’t going to build you a network.  Here are some tips and information about network issues you may want to resolve before they cause downtime.

What will be on the network?

Developing a network takes time.  Just throwing something together and hoping that it will work will not be efficient.  When looking at the cost of a network setup cutting corners really isn’t an option.  Deciding on what the network will be used for and who will have access can determine how things should be setup.

Operating System

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The operating system on the network is critical to its operation.  If it is a Linux system or a Windows system it will require a lot of different protocols and hardware choices to be made.  Picking the wrong operating system or not keeping it up to date will result in issues later on. 

Remembering and setting passwords

The number one security issue with a network is passwords.  When setting up an Admin account the typical user names and passwords used are admin and admin.  Setting up strong worded and coded passwords will set the tone for your network.  If you have employees or staff members creating accounts that will allow them access to information over a network making sure that they create strong passwords is vital to the overall health of your network.  It only takes one person with a bad password to destroy everything.

To remember your passwords, use a variety of methods.  Password storing services are okay but depending on the type of security needed for the information these can become compromised.  Also, change your password on a regular basis.  Don’t tell anyone and if there is a receival system in place switch up your answers to be something different than the question.