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folding ebike alberta ca

This is something new. It is innovative, and it is groundbreaking in more ways than one. It goes two ways. You can pedal it uphill and down dale, if you want. But if you are not as fit as all the other cyclists, or if you prefer, you still like being able to zip around town, you could even let the bike putter along. There you have it. A standard pedal power operation. Or a battery powered moped. The folding ebike alberta ca warehouse is, really, just around the corner.

Because if you are out of sight of town, you can always visit the shop online. Either way, you are still going to be given a fresh demonstration on how these unusual but innovative ‘contraptions’ work. By dint of its name, you are conveniently able to fold the bike up when it is not being used. You can store it away anywhere because having been folded like this, it takes up no space. And when you are ready to go cycling again, you simply unfold it, unpack it and there you go.

Off you go. This innovation was originally planned for the rugged, hilly countryside. Mountain bikers deliberately take on those hills as part of the natural challenge. But there are times when the hills are just so steep, they have no alternative but to dismount and carry their bikes the rest of the way. And if it’s a distance to go still, it can be heavy going. It wears you down. But not the ebike. It does not wear you down.

Ever. Because all you have to do is simply fold the bike up and strap it to your back. And there you go, it just makes walking further so much easier.